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Are Tradespeople Really Choosing Voolt Over Google Ads for Their Advertising Campaigns?
With digital visibility being critical for businesses of all sizes, tradespeople and small business owners are increasingly seeking effective ways to advertise their services online.  While platforms like Google Ads have long been the go-to for digital advertising, their...
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Pool Cleaner business owners
How Pool Cleaner Business Owners Can Increase Their Profits This Spring
Spring has arrived, ushering in a season of opportunity for pool cleaner business owners. With the mercury climbing, pools across the country are starting to see more activity, making it the prime time for businesses like yours to tap...
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How This Owner of a Lawn Irrigation Business Reduced the Costly Scam Calls by over 50% with Voolt
Meet Paul Yamka, a seasoned entrepreneur and owner of a thriving lawn irrigation company. His rise to the pinnacle of success in the industry began during the founding phase of another company, where his invaluable contributions were instrumental in...
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How to contact voolt
How to Get in Touch with Voolt: Your Efficient Communication Guide
In an era where the digital world is not just an extension but a primary mode of business, Voolt stands as a paradigm of modernity and efficiency. Gone are the days of waiting on hold, listening to repetitive music,...
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7 Proofs That Voolt’s SEO Optimization Services Are What Your Business Needs Now
7 Proofs That Voolt’s SEO Optimization Services Are What Your Business Needs Now
Nowadays, the importance of an online presence for sole entrepreneurs cannot be overstated. It’s a bustling marketplace where visibility equates to viability. This is where the role of an efficient website builder and the prowess of SEO come into...
3 min read
Domain Name For Your Website
How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Website
Choosing the right domain name for your business website is like picking the perfect outfit for a first impression—it matters! A snappy, memorable identity not only helps people find you online but also boosts your street cred with search...
4 min read
How to Edit Website Sections on Voolt
Part 1 of our tutorial demonstrates the easy process of adding new sections to your Voolt website. Simply navigate to your site, click “Edit Website,” and explore the variety of sections available by clicking on the “+” sign. Choose...
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How to Edit Website Services on Voolt
Unlock the full potential of your Voolt website with our step-by-step tutorial video on managing services! In Part 1, discover how to effortlessly add or remove services to tailor your online presence. Simply sign in to your Voolt account,...
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Editing the Branding of the website on Voolt
In this step-by-step video, we guide you through the process of customizing your website’s color palette, font styles, and button designs. Start by accessing the ‘Edit Website’ option in the Voolt Dashboard, then click on ‘Branding’ to explore a...
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